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His plan for this year is to drop singles every month, and a possible EP at the end of the year.

Clubhouse - "Home Videos" You never listened to my playlist did you? I sent a couple weeks ago (goodbye) My blank wrists can't tell time, I still waitlist Maybe I'm a fool, or maybe I'm doomed All I know is that it's you I'm. 5.

And I've been stuck in a dead end.


. 7K Comments. Nic D & 4Korners; can't say goodbye; Drop ft.


Show more. In my head but don't think they are mine. No i'm not invited, so no need to check my phone.

Good Thing. If I go home, I'll regret it.

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But you were just friends with me. And she does but it's not true.

(I have no friends) I woke up today I had a revelation I don't think I have a single friend That's no exaggeration I cut everyone off, it's just me and my thoughts Yeah I'm free at what cost? 'Cause I found that I'm lost.

7K Comments. I've been, uh, I've been tryna be present. Going Home sammy rash.

. . Chords: Ab, Eb, Fm, Db. . . I got my heart and my head in.


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You say you're just friends with him.

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original sound - sammy rash.

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